Oct. 29, 2016 at 1:30 PM PST
Eternal Life Fan Hangout #5

pumpkin hmm... a hangout right before Halloween? Eternal Life Fan Club hangout 5 is coming up soon. Please RSVP if you will be there.

This will also add you to the newsletter if you aren't already.

October 22, 2016
Eternal Life Fan Hangout #4

There will be another Eternal Life Fan Club hangout on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 11:00 AM PST. If you missed the last one, we had several people there all discussing life extension topics. Here is your chance to be part of the next one.

October 16, 2016
Roen and Raw Matt Health Talk

Today, Roen and Matt held a live health talk. They discuss lots of subjects that would be of interest to those trying to reach longevity escape velocity. Among the subjects discussed are acrylamide in coffee, mycotoxins, cancer cures, CBD, and more.

Oct.15, 2016
Eternal Life Fan Hangout 3

Participate in the third Eternal Life Fan Hangout this Saturday! Please RSVP so we can expect you to be there! Make sure to be at this link by 11:30 AM PST on October 15, 2016. Meet other eternal life fans like yourself. The hangout will last until about 1:00 PM.

October 1, 2016
Longevity Day 2016 is here

Longevity Day is here, also known as the International Day of Older Persons. Let's stand up against Ageism by showing our older persons that we care about the diseases of old age too, and not merely diseases that afflict younger persons. A new website has been launched,, and ELFC is a sponsor.

NEVER AGE by Raw Matt published - a must read!

As you may already know, Raw Matt is back, and his singular focus on helping us all live forever has intensified. Now writing under the name Matt Wraith, he has published his first book delving deep into the subject. Read the free preview or if you don't know Matt's story yet, check out his website here. Matt's mind devours knowledge and he can speak in great detail on anything health related, so we consider this book a must read for eternal life fans!

Dec. 14, 2015
Immortality Bus Tour Reaches Capitol

On September 5th, Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan of The Transhumanist Party launched off the Immortality Bus Tour! Over the course of just days, $25,000 was quickly raised by supporters through IndieGoGo. Zoltan is the presidental candidate who is making a splash with his promise to help us live longer, healthier lives, by cutting spending on war and diverting it to longevity research. Journalists and film crews accompanied Zoltan along the way of the tour. The bus was transformed to look like a giant coffin, and it made people stare and wonder about it, and the presidential candidate behind it.

On December 14th, the bus reached Washington DC and Zoltan approached the capitol building with the Transhumanist Bill of Rights in hand. He then stuck it to the building, although that is not where it would end up. Being informed by armed guards that this was useless—that if he successfully taped it to the building they would immediately remove it—he gave that up and presented it to the California senator instead. Hopefully this tour will help bring attention to a growing demand to fund life extension research. Transhumanism is here!

Click on the bus to find out more!
Zoltan Istvan Immortality Bus

Sept. 8 - Dec. 14, 2015
Immortality Bus Tour Interviews

As the Immortality Bus Tour has been underway, Roen Horn, who accompanied Zoltan for the tour, did interviews with several people, including biohacker Rich Lee, transhumanist hip hop artist Maitreya One, the folks at People Unlimited, and more. Several teasers were released, and now some of the full interviews have been released as well. Enjoy!

Stanley Brothers launch new Charlotte's Web CBD company

Oct. 8, 2015 Roen attends Supplyside West 2015 and here is one of the interesting things he discovered. Among the many vendors who I had the opportunity to speak with at this years Supplyside West was Jesse Stanley, of the Stanley Brothers. They… Read full story

Longevity Cookbook 100% Crowd-Funded

Longevity Cookbook The Longevity Cookbook is a strategy guide to help you get more time to experience the joy from everything that you like in life. Sound important? LIKE YEAH! Tell your friends about the Longevity Cookbook and send them to the crowdfunding project, now. Please, share the campaign on all social networks. Spreading the word gets you closer to your longevity!

Watch Judgmental Hipster eat Habanero pappers in support of Longevity Cookbook!

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