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Here at Eternal Life Fan Club we are trying to create a community of people who are serious and dedicated fans of eternal life, who have a desire to spread their passion for eternal life.

Our goal is to help our fellow eternal life fans by sharing philosophy, research, and strategies that could possibly increase their chances of living forever. MoreOur motto is "Adapt or Die"... because the more adaptable you are to change, the more likely you will survive. Rather than assuming that one particular theory of eternal life must be correct, we try to keep an open mind to all the possibilities. Regardless if one believes in a God, or not, we say fans of eternal life should unite under the common goal of living forever.

Recent Updates

NEVER AGE by Raw Matt published - a must read!

As you may already know, Raw Matt is back, and his singular focus on helping us all live forever has intensified. Now writing under the name Matt Wraith, he has published his first book delving deep into the subject. Read the free preview or if you don't know Matt's story yet, check out his website here. Matt's mind devours knowledge and he can speak in great detail on anything health related, so we consider this book a must read for eternal life fans!

More Updates

Dec. 14, 2015
Immortality Bus Tour Reaches Capitol

On September 5th, Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan of The Transhumanist Party launched off the Immortality Bus Tour! Over the course of just days, $25,000 was quickly raised by supporters through IndieGoGo. Zoltan is the presidental candidate who is making a splash with his promise to help us live longer, healthier lives, by cutting spending on war and diverting it to longevity research. Journalists and film crews accompanied Zoltan along the way of the tour. The bus was transformed to look like a giant coffin, and it made people stare and wonder about it, and the presidential candidate behind it.

On December 14th, the bus reached Washington DC and Zoltan approached the capitol building with the Transhumanist Bill of Rights in hand. He then stuck it to the building, although that is not where it would end up. Being informed by armed guards that this was useless—that if he successfully taped it to the building they would immediately remove it—he gave that up and presented it to the California senator instead. Hopefully this tour will help bring attention to a growing demand to fund life extension research. Transhumanism is here!

Click on the bus to find out more!
Zoltan Istvan Immortality Bus

Sept. 8 - Dec. 14, 2015
Immortality Bus Tour Interviews

As the Immortality Bus Tour has been underway, Roen Horn, who accompanied Zoltan for the tour, did interviews with several people, including biohacker Rich Lee, transhumanist hip hop artist Maitreya One, the folks at People Unlimited, and more. Several teasers were released, and now some of the full interviews have been released as well. Enjoy!

Stanley Brothers launch new Charlotte's Web CBD company

Oct. 8, 2015 Roen attends Supplyside West 2015 and here is one of the interesting things he discovered. Among the many vendors who I had the opportunity to speak with at this years Supplyside West was Jesse Stanley, of the Stanley Brothers. They… Read full story

Longevity Cookbook 100% Crowd-Funded

Longevity Cookbook The Longevity Cookbook is a strategy guide to help you get more time to experience the joy from everything that you like in life. Sound important? LIKE YEAH! Tell your friends about the Longevity Cookbook and send them to the crowdfunding project, now. Please, share the campaign on all social networks. Spreading the word gets you closer to your longevity!

Watch Judgmental Hipster eat Habanero pappers in support of Longevity Cookbook!

Mar. 6-8, 2015
ELFC coverage of Expo West!

Expo West 2015 In the first week of March, ELFC to be at Expo West to look for any promising supplements that may extend human lifespan. We will bring you the latest on any new discoveries that are revealed at Expo West this year.

March 22, 2015
ELFC Twitter Challenge!

Twitter Promo for ELFC So here's the plan: Tweet your favorite celebrities asking them if they would want to live forever or extend their life. If you decide to do this and you get a response, please send me a link in a private message or email I can verify the quote is real. This will ensure I get your message. Thanks! (Full details)

March 8, 2014 premiere
Living forever is not science fiction!

The Immortalists film explores the very real possibility of indefinite life-extension in the near future. Two eccentric scientists struggle to create eternal youth in a world they call “blind to the tragedy of old age.” Their scientific journeys ultimately become personal as they battle their own aging and suffer the losses of loved ones. Watch the trailer or find a screening near you.

The Immortalists

Oct. 6-10, 2014
SupplySide West 2014

SupplySide West If there is one thing we of the longevity community are interested in it is specialty, quality ingredients for extending our lifespans. Supplyside is a key expo that ingredient suppliers and supplement manufacturers attend to exchange knowledge and discover the best ingredients that the world has to offer. Every year new, exciting advances are revealed. Stay tuned for exclusive interviews and coverage of the event from ELFC!

Nov. 7-9, 2014
END DEATH Cryonics Convention 2014

Alcor Cryonics facility Even if we already found a way to extend life indefinately, until we find a way to be completely safe from dangers, we might still find ourselves the victim of an accident which current medical science doesn't know how to fix. Having a system to cryofreeze our bodies in the hopes that one day someone can repair you is better than nothing. END DEATH is a convention where you can learn the "latest updates on cryonics research, ways to improve your chances for rejuvenation and survival, and new ideas in transhumanism." Learn more about this event or register by clicking the link. All attendees will have plenty of time to meet the speakers, leaders and activists in the life extension community, plus you can circulate during the ample breaks to network with the speakers and attendees and exchange ideas.