A fanatical approach to extreme longevity

Matt imparts his knowledge on all the major subjects that concern extending lifespan naturally. He gives his some of his recommendations for extending lifespan, and the first part of his own extensive protocol. The second part will be revealed in the second edition. Enjoy this free preview, and consider purchasing the book.


The information in this book is religious advice. I've come to realize that the true potential of our being is far from being met. Also, each human being is as different as his or her fingerprint. Know that my writings are not a universal cure for any or all disease. This book is written from the viewpoint of how disease and genetics are to blame for aging itself, and explains my protocol for overcoming it.


In this book, I will rip apart the false doctrines of diet fads, and leave you with words of validity through nature and science combined as one to achieve the current concept of the impossible: “never age.” Know now that what you are about to read may confound or confuse you, based on your current understanding of nutrition and health. I tell you now that a one-size-fits-all food pyramid concept is a myth, and as dangerous and destructive as the standard American diet is. Propaganda, ignorance, and financial gain are the reasons that we have so many influences and so much confusion about many aspects of today's life. Health, I believe, is the most impacted aspect, and yet the most important.

I want to teach you that with strong willpower, diligence and understanding, you will have the ability to stave off the aging process by: lengthening telomeres, stimulating HGH, balancing hormone production, limiting glycation, fungus, mold, yeast, bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metal toxicity, mycotoxins, acrylamides, inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, free radical damage, radiation, pollution, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, nitrates, cellular degradation and more. All are reasons we age, and all are under our control. Self-inflicted Disease of the Fork kills us, and we usually learn this fact too late.

I believe, first, that no one living is meeting their true potential. Why? Because we live a life influenced and guided by desires and emotions, which make us justify and rationalize every conceivable excuse to continue on the path of destruction. My goal is to open your mind, so that you will now have a choice in what happens tomorrow, by what you do today. Next, I will to expose the deep deception that underlies the very fabric of our reality, and explain how we got so lost and far from our true potential.

With years of study and application through practice, trial and error, and now, blood analysis, I have found the most powerful anti-aging protocols in the world. What you are about to read is a conglomeration of my research, based upon that evidence. Another amazing fact that I must share is that all animal studies on caloric restriction and some of the supplements I list have all been shown to achieve benefits, no matter how old the subjects were!


Pondering the vast curiosity of the human species, I find myself questioning one topic more than any other. Not why we are here, or what makes us so different from animals. Those questions are left to one's own rationalizations, desires or religious views. No, my thoughts veer towards that of entropy, and to why living things break down.

Is aging caused by some pre-programmed genetics, cellular degradation, deficiency, or imbalance? Why is it that some species live forever, while others are a mere grain in the sands of passing time? Yet, by influence and adjustment of diet and/or environment, we can manipulate the lifespan of any creature we test, at an increase or decrease through caloric intake or dietary changes. Something is amiss, and I believe the end of aging is finally within our grasp. Some say, "There is no disease called aging.” There are actually a few directly related to the aging process: Werner syndrome and progeria are two that come to mind immediately. These are both genetically deficient metabolic enzyme diseases which, you will soon learn, shut down in all of us as we age, yet are influenced by diet and genetic reprogramming, providing one is not born with a mutation.

One does not degenerate from old age, simply because of time passing. One degenerates from a vast array of afflictions, which tax our system until eventual failure. Only some diseases have manipulated our DNA through generations, stamping on a genetic code, which have left us more susceptible to things like hair loss, gout, heart disease, and even cancer, which one day will be as easy to turn off as a switch. As for now, we need to live with these inherited flaws and scramble to learn our individual cures to each one. Then we can conquer this aging and death dilemma.

Most often, one dies from a specific organ which fails because it lacked nutrients or developed a disease. Then it drags the rest of the body down with it, as everything in the body is symbiotic and interconnected. Constant bombardment and cumulative damage over time is the actual cause of old age, and eventually death. No longer are ailing, weakness and frailty inevitable for us. We cannot honor our creator, nor be beacons of light if we ourselves are debilitated, crippled, diseased and dying. This was never intended for us, but because we have free will, our choice thus far has been ignorance, laziness and succumbing to temptations.

Let me pose some questions that I believe may help stimulate the mind and allow you to contemplate for yourself new theories not yet dwelled upon. Who is older, my grandma or grandpa? My grandpa has trouble with the stairs, getting in and out of vehicles, walking around or even traveling with fear that he might have to use the bathroom. His shoulder no longer works, so even using the shower and opening containers has become hard. He instead reads, tells us about history, plays card games and puzzles and enjoys magazines and The History Channel game shows.

Or is it my grandmother? She can get around just fine and has no trouble with stairs, driving, making meals or mobility. But she cannot remember even our names for any duration of time. She gets angry because of her forgetfulness and cannot play cards, read or even remember how to use the TV remote or a phone.

Who is older biologically? Neither one has to do with biological age. Both have ailments which are bringing them down slowly until eventual death. We cannot say that the physically weaker one is older, because his mind works better. Nor can you say that the mentally strong one is younger, because his body has failed. Both are null and neither relevant when it comes to trying to guess true age. Both have different symptoms of disease, not "time" disease. You see, time allows disease to incubate and "age” us. It is not time itself, but rather a disease. We associate aging with frailty, weakness and degeneration. That is exactly what it is, and you will see that all of it is avoidable and directly under our control.

Are we really done evolving as a species, and are we designed to eat a certain way? Has adaptation really overridden our basic anatomy and required something other than what nature provides? Can changing our foods have an effect on us? Do we do things to pat ourselves on the back, to make us feel good about ourselves, rather than for the right reasons? Let’s answer these legitimate questions.

No, we are not done evolving as a species. We adapt to everything and anything, and relatively fast, surprisingly. We are dark-skinned, thick curly-haired creatures when adapted to hot tropical locates near the equator, yet pale, blond, thick, hearty people in the poles. We adapt quickly to magnetism and relatively fast to altitude. We adapt to stress, environment, and even to changing our food sources. But one thing has not changed, and that is the requirements of the human body. Not simply calories or their sources, but on a much smaller and more intricate level. Food that is full of vital enzymes and minerals is required on every level of cellular proficiency and metabolic function in the body. Natural fats fuel the brain, liver, heart and hormone production.

Humans have already more than doubled in life expectancy and will eventually tap into our very own genetics to manipulate them for even greater potential. As for now, my protocol is to push the limits of human capacity into the next evolution of human potential. Just think: in the mid-twentieth century, social security arose. Man's life expectancy was a mere 54 years, and that is why today money has run out for retirement and social security is looking grim for the next generation. Today, life expectancy is already 77.2 years old. Just 1,000 years ago, man was considered lucky to live 25 years. We cannot and should not put barriers on our limits.

I find the concept of biological immortality so important that I have devoted my time, thoughts, and body to its pursuit. Even if the thought sounds far-fetched now, I will be living proof of this system and its prudency.

Originally converting just my diet, I began recently analyzing and studying the living blood of the body, which gives me a window into a world our ancestors knew nothing about. It provides important understanding about how and why disease arises in the first place, and how everything we ingest has a profound effect on us physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, hormonally and even genetically. We truly are what we eat.

Prions thrive in ecologies of the body that work symbiotically in the correct environment. This requires perfect conditions of pH, mineralizations, temperature and even hormones like cholesterol, biotin and cortisol. Disease is the same way; any imbalance in either direction is discord. Health depends greatly on: how we think, the purity of air we breathe, the water we ingest, the foods we consume, the physical movements we perform, the medicinal herbs we incorporate, the location in which we live, the amount of sleep we get, the circle of friends we associate with and, finally, habits we form.

There can be no doubt that the smarter we get and the more of our brain we use, the longer we are going to live. Brain size and capacity are directly correlated with longevity. The brain actually reduces in size, if one were to live long enough. If we were to live to 500 years of age, with the current rate of degeneration, it would become the size of a walnut and completely calcified. The book you are holding contains information designed to never allow this to occur. Every time someone of advanced age dies, a library is lost. It is simply a disastrous notion that one has to accept death. Some people live as if life were so bad that they cannot wait to leave. If you weren’t meant to live, you wouldn't have been born in the first place.

Also, ponder this: is it conducive for our species that we are now living longer than at any other time in our history? We have more of an overpopulation problem than ever before, right? No, my friends, we are learning about disease and how to prevail against it. This book is an end to the aging process; everything we do should be to fight disease and build good blood.


Such a vast array of topics today are considered “alternative” health, and I believe all are worth studying, even if years are spent sifting through all the useless junk just to learn one important aspect. I have learned this from martial arts. Spending years on one useless style may be rewarded with a single technique that can win me many fights.

When it comes to the health field, we have herbalism, homeopathy, pathology, oncology, epigenetics, gerontology, toxicity, inflammation, nutrition, diet, fasting, caloric restriction, detoxification, flower remedies, hydrotherapy, iridology, mycology, acupuncture, biofeedback, chi gung, magnet therapy, color therapy, sound therapy, Rife machines, low-frequency ultrasound machines, crystal healing, bio-puncture, biofeedback, Earth grounding, colonics, endermology, deprivation chambers, hyperbaric oxygen chambers and much, much, more.

Who has time for all of this study? I do. Welcome to my world. Now let me fill that brain with accurate, beneficial, health-promoting, sustainable, planet-conscious, longevity-inducing knowledge. I have sifted through the hokum and snake oils and have found what I believe to be the best of what the health world has to offer.

Over a decade ago, I had my blood tested by my friend Ricco who, at the time, had just bought a microscope and was excited to test everyone's blood and analyze it. He had recently won the lotto, and had lots of free time and access to a great microscope. During my testing, I witnessed that I was saturated with a parasite called the liver fluke. It was shaped like a caveman’s club and was swimming through my blood and eating cells. Enraged, I immediately began a cleanse and hunted for powerful foods, herbs and supplements to help rid myself of these invaders.

After going back and seeing my blood completely devoid of any parasites, I knew that live blood microscopy was real and that herbs and diet are the key to everything. Obtaining my own microscope was my future goal. Watching how foods, herbs, stress, mood, environment, and toxins affect the human body on a cellular level was beyond extraordinary. An electron microscope works best, since it is able to show matter at 2,000 times magnification and even able to see the elusive nanobacterium, prions and the beginning of disease itself. However, 400 times magnification is enough to get an overview of general blood health and witness disease forming, and enough to teach one what they may be allergic to, including deficiencies they may have or toxicities to certain foods.

I found that the secret to learning the best foods for us and those that combat disease is to fast for 98 hours, and then consume only one type of food for 24 hours and wait 45 minutes after the last meal the second day before testing the blood. This shows accurate effects on every level and is far superior than any other testing method for disease, allergies, inflammation, toxins and the effects of foods, herbs and supplements on our body. Blood is living, so it shows your current health status.

After months of testing, I was astounded by my results. Some foods that I thought would be good for me were actually quite devastating. Zucchini, millet, bell peppers, peanuts and purple corn were all awful. I noticed problems arise when eating them, like fungus, inflammation, candida or acidosis. All disheartening, because I made sure everything was wild or organic, heirloom and prepared correctly, even sprouted if it was required.

Some foods, though, were not only neutral, but even medicinal. Things like bee pollen was magic to the blood, cleaning it up, reducing inflammation, purging calcium from the blood and alkalizing spots of rouleaux, removing the byproducts from glycation and mycotoxins, along with having some enzymatic activity that is beyond any other food I’ve tested so far. It seems that bee pollen has a small spike on insulin, probably because the pollen is mixed with a bit of honey naturally. I also noticed a slight allergy at first, but this subsided and the body adapted within three days—to the point where I went from one tablespoon up to one pound a day for tests.

Turmeric was insanely beneficial, not just fighting bacteria, but also reducing inflammation and regulating blood sugar levels. This root was also able to rebuild lost telomeres! The only other nutrients I've found to do this are probiotic lactobacillus acidophilus and mature astragalus root decoction or concentrated extract. Make sure to mix whole fresh turmeric root with black pepper, to make the active ingredient in turmeric more potent. Turmeric supplements or seasoning powder don’t seem to work the same way.

Pineapple had great blood-cleaning properties, which also removed acrylamides from the blood. Kiwi removed heavy metals and broke down acidosis. It is truly fascinating to watch this secret world reveal itself right before my eyes. My diet now consists of foods that build healthy blood, fight disease and reverse ailments that bring the body’s organs down.

Because I see the world differently now, everything I am about to consume, I ask myself: What will this do for me and my blood? I look at a piece of toast and ask, "What disease does this cure?" If nothing comes to mind, it’s probably not worth putting in my mouth. Ask yourself, what does eating a hamburger cure, other than a craving or hunger? What about ice cream? Pasta? Muffins? Salami? Chips? Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. Not any of them! Now what about Pineapple? Apples? Cherries? Lemon? Grapes? Pumpkin seeds? They heal many abnormalities like kidney stones, infections, inflammation, mucus, gout, triglycerides, cancer, etc. Why? Because they are our natural foods!

So now I reach for the top enzymatic, mineral-rich, medicinal foods that nature has to offer from around the world. I have studied their history, lore, myths and legends, including the science of modern day, showing their nutrient content and incorporation of their constituents. I want to know, I have to know. Is it hype or fact? People can say anything. But what happens under the microscope of truth? That’s what matters.

Today, many people believe simply adding one substance to their program, or a supplement, or superfood, or an alteration to their current program that will bring healing to their bodies and add longevity. Don’t get me wrong—there are powerful substances out there, and some can have a profoundly beneficial effect on the body. However, for true longevity, I find that one cannot deviate or cheat on the weekends. Also, one cannot simply attribute their good health to a single factor, which is actually only affecting one or two basic ecologies of the body. You are a complete package, and you need a diversity of elements to complete this package.

What amazes me is that many people do have good success with one or two medicinal foods added to their diet. Now what if they were to alter their lifestyle to consider all variants of the aging process? Wow. This truly astounds me the more I think about it. The Honshu of Akita, Japan believe their longevity comes from fermented fish in goat’s milk, for example. They average 114 years of age in that region. Yet, they do little differently than other neighboring people of that region. The only real difference was that they added this cultured food into their diet and had major success adding decades to their lives.

Clearly, this fermentation process not only made more vitamins and minerals bioavailable to them, but implemented probiotic lactobacillus acidophilus into their diet. This acid-loving bacteria not only destroys harmful bacteria that may be in the body, but it also regenerates telomeres, the padding at the ends of our chromosomes which protect them (more on that later). Imagine if they also practiced caloric restriction, polyphasic eating, fasting or herbalism, while avoiding glycation food preparation methods and starches, and removed all grain, dairy and cooked foods from their diet! The possibilities are truly astounding.

Today, we can see with technology that everything begins in the blood. It’s where the battle between health and disease takes place. Enjoy this ride on a contemplative journey that looks at every aspect of how to extend human life to its fullest extent, while at the same time slowing down genetic predisposition to disease, preventing inflammation, fatigue and degeneration from ever taking root. The sooner and younger you start, the better. May tomorrow be the start of a new day, and a journey for the rest of your life which lasts forever.

Disclaimer: Any health advice provided on this website is not intended to be a sole source of information, and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or any other government agency for their approval in the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease.
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