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On September 5th, Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan of The Transhumanist Party launched off the immortality bus tour! Over the course of just days, $25,000 was quickly raised by supporters through IndieGoGo. It is not too late to support the campaign and every little contribution helps.

Zoltan is the presidental candidate who is making a splash with his promise to help us live longer, healthier lives, by cutting spending on war and diverting it to longevity research. Journalists and film crews accompanied Zoltan along the way of the tour. The bus was transformed to look like a giant coffin, and it made people stare and wonder about it, and the presidential candidate behind it.

The Immortality Bus is on the move

Documenting the Immortality Bus

On December 14th, the bus reached Washington DC and Zoltan approached the capitol building with the Transhumanist Bill of Rights in hand. He then stuck it to the building, although that is not where it would end up. Being informed by armed guards that this was useless—that if he successfully taped it to the building they would immediately remove it—he gave that up and presented it to the California senator instead. Hopefully this tour will help bring attention to a growing demand to fund life extension research. Transhumanism is here!

oil leak
An Oil Leak on Day 1
get a peak inside the bus
Entering The Immortality Bus
Zoltan Gets Chipped on the Immortality Bus Tour!
get a peak inside the bus
A Coffin Bus Needs Flowers   [fb]
Zoltan Istvan is not mainstream!!!   [fb]
get a peak inside the bus
The Eternal Hipster joins the tour (warning: beginning of video is loud)   [fb]
Rich Lee Interview coming soon   [fb]
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