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Eternal Life Fan Club Membership

The Eternal Life Fan Club now has an official membership roster. Although anyone can sign up for the free newsletter to get updates related to life extending news and technologies, our official membership updates come at a price. We require that everyone donate at least $20 to SENS Research Foundation.

Simply email your proof to contact@eternallifefanclub.com to be enrolled. By default your membership will be kept strictly anonymous. In roughly a year's time (in December 2016), a plaque will be made to honor the pioneer eternal life fans, and every 4 years the same. These plaques will hang in the great Eternal Life Fan Club lodge for all time. If you wish to be on this very first plaque, simply mention it when you submit your proof.

If you cannot afford to donate to SENS, alternatively you can email us with some other form of proof that you are a true eternal life fan. Perhaps a list of 4 extreme things you do for eternal life will suffice as proof.

Posted: March 7, 2016